This multi-purpose black box theatre allows for many seating configurations and wide variety of activities. It is an ideal installation space as well as an intimate performance venue. Set up and strike time must be factored into your rental estimate.

  • STUDIO DIMENSIONS: 50′ x 45′ x 20′ high
  • SEATING CAPACITY: 100-125 depending on configuration
  • Sprung floor with masonite surface
  • Theatre lighting, catwalk, stage management booth
  • A variety of seating configurations including ‘theatre-in-the-round’, ‘alley’ theatre and three-quarter ‘thrust’ theatre
  • All areas of the Timms Centre are wheelchair accessible

TECHNICIANS – At least 1 TIMMS technician must be on contract for any Second Playing Space rental. Groups who have their own technicians may request that they work in concert with our staff. Such requests will be considered on a case by case basis by the Operations Manager and the Department of Drama’s Production Manager.


Please contact the Operations Manager for a full quote.

780.492.2273 or

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