Rental of the Main Stage includes the use of dressing room(s) and the lobby one hour prior to a performance. All TIMMS facilities are shared with the University’s Drama Department. Other services and areas of the building may be available for rental. These areas include additional dressing rooms, green room, laundry facilities, workshops, rehearsal space, props and costumes.

Seating Capacity

The main theatre has a fixed seating capacity of 289 with the option of adding 32 seats if the stage apron is down in which case the house capacity rises to 321. Like all areas of the TIMMS CENTRE, the main theatre is wheelchair accessible.

Wheelchair seating

There are 4 permanent wheelchair positions and an additional 4 house seats may be removed if needed bringing wheelchair capacity to 8.


At least 2 TIMMS technicians will be on site during any main stage rental. Groups who have their own technicians may request that they work in concert with our staff. Such requests will be considered on a case by case basis by the Events Coordinator and the Department of Drama’s Production Manager.


Contact the Venue Operations Manager to receive a full quote.


Stage Playing Area:

Apron Up:  32′ wide x 50′ deep (app.)

Apron Down:  32′ wide x 42′ deep (app.)

The APRON of the stage is a lift 32′ wide x 8′ deep. NORMAL configuration is with the apron up, however it may be lowered to audience level to provide room for 32 additional seats, or lowered to trap room level for use as an orchestra pit. Additional charges will apply to your rental quotation for a change in standard configuration

Grand Piano:

KAWAI RX-6 is available for an additional rental fee (300.00/day to a maximum of $900.00 in any calendar week)



The main entrances are located at rear of house on the mezzanine level, one floor above ground level. Ground floor access is possible from the ground floor side entrance if necessary.

House to Stage:

Recessed steps can be made available on either side of the stage in the apron. Side entrances connect house and backstage through stairwell sound/light locks.

Cross over hallway and dressing rooms

Available through upstage sound/light locks. Dressing room areas are secured by swipe-card access except from stage.

The Loading Dock

Located in the south-east corner of the building.  Access to the main stage is through the shop and paint-fit up area.  All load-in and strikes must be coordinated with Department of Drama shop activities.

Proscenium Opening

Width:    31’6” (9.60m)

Height:   23’0” (7.01m)

Setting line to upstage wall:  41’0”   (12.40m)

Setting line to downstage apron:  7’9” (2.38m)

(The Setting line is where the Apron Lift meets the stage)

Centerline to stage right fly-rail:  44’5” (13.55m)

Centerline to stage left workshop door:  41’0” (12.5m)

Stage floor to under grid:  69’0” (21.03m)

Stage floor to trap room floor:  -11’9” (3.58m)

Stage Surface

Stage floor is ¼” Duratex (hardboard Masonite), smooth side up

Sprung throughout

The basic colour is black throughout

Fastening is allowed

Orchestra Pit

Width:    32’0”   (9.75m)

Depth:     8’0”   (2.44m)

Height:  11’9”   (3.56m) (ground to stage level)

Full technical specs are available upon request or confirmation of rental.


Venue Operations Manager

780.492.2273 or

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